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Get gorgeous hair while you sleep..

Get gorgeous hair while you sleep..

We have all heard of the “beauty sleep” well it’s time we understand what it really means. Just a few basic changes to our routine before hitting the sheets can actually help us attain our beauty goals.

Waking up to gorgeous hair is a dream for all of us and we can let it happen only if we follow some tips.  What you do before bedtime will ultimately determine the condition of your hair in the morning and there are some easy tricks you can do tonight to save time and frustration

Create Volume Overnight

After washing your hair before bed, apply a lightweight styling product with hold, like Aveda Volatizing Tonic. Allow hair to air dry until damp and then, taking even sections create small, many braids and secure. Sleep on it overnight, wake up, remove the braids, run your fingers through your hair, set with hairspray and voila, instant texture. Just remember not to brush your hair after you undo the braids because that would cause frizz.

Set Hair Using a Loose Bun

We all try hard in the morning working with a blow dryer but too much blow drying can lead to hair damage and even hair fall so how to deal that.  We suggest that before going to bed After shampooing, towel dry your hair so it’s slightly damp and then style your hair in a high, loose bun, When you wake up in the morning, undo the elastic and enjoy the loose waves you have created.

Don’t Let Your Hair Down (Yet)

If you sleep with your hair all down its time you stop doing that and curb that habit once and for all coz leaving them open damages the hair. Tossing and turning causes an all-around mess. Sometimes, this results in knots and tangles that add more stress to your hair when trying to brush it out.

Get gorgeous hair while you sleep
Get Gorgeous Hair While You Sleep

Beat Frizz

If your hair is all about the frizz here is a great way to handle this all you need to do is apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner evenly through damp hair, focusing on ends using a broad comb brush the hair and tie in a loose bun and settle in for the night.

Promote Growth

Gently stimulate your scalp with your fingertips before bed. This increases the blood flow to the scalp, leading to healthy growth patterns and dispersing natural, moisturizing oils throughout your hair.

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