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Choices every woman should make when she is 30!!

Choices every woman should make when she is 30

When a woman has reached 30 years old it’s time to change your otherwise lazy routine, and gear up for a better and healthy future. When you are young your body tends to take care of itself but as we age that rebuilding process slows down and you have to start taking care of yourself. Here I will list a few healthy choices women should opt for when they reach 30.

Work out you enjoy

Working out not only helps you burn a few extra calories and maintain your weight it also improves your mood. But if you are doing something you don’t enjoy you are most likely to give up so choose a routine you enjoy doing let it be yoga, aerobics, swimming or cycling.

Hydrate More

Drink more water. Remember the 8 glass rule well now is a time to break that rule and drink as much water as you can. Drinking more water will help you lose weight and at the same time improve your mood and hydrate your skin. Well a hydrated and moisturized skin is going to age slowly.

Quit Smoking

Well you should not smoke at any age of your life but if you are a smoker it’s time to quit. Smoking can cause lung cancer and increase your blood pressure and in severe cases hurt your brain.

Stand More

Research shows that the more time you spend glued to the couch you are more likely to get diabetes get obese and heart disease. Researchers are now referring to sitting too much as the “sitting Disease”. So it’s better to keep those legs in motion.


Appreciate your Body

Learn to Love your Body. Your Body is not only your image it is actually who and what you are so love being yourself. Thinking like this will increase your self- esteem an thus you are more likely to enjoy life.


 Hang out with Friends

It might not seem so important to yo but spending time with your friends can actually de-stress you and can also prevent you from depression and can elevate your mood.



Start Cooking

If you enjoy what you are eating its more likely that you will stick to the healthy diet. So its better to get into that kitchen and learn some healthy dishes.

Regular health Checks

To really stay on top of your health, you’ll need to do more than just see your OB/GYN and general practitioner once a year.

Get Vitamins from Your Food

Vitamin Supplements have been linked to negative health consequences and thus are not very encouraged. It is better to fulfil your dietary needs from your food. In general, getting as many of the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet as you can is a better idea than relying on pills, since you’re less likely to face toxicity concerns.

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