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Breaking Bad…Addicting Bad…

Breaking Bad…Addicting Bad…
“Walter Hartwell White”… A character name which is on the lips of every other person these days. A Character who was totally changed in the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad”. As Program creator “Vince Gilligan” also stated that, Breaking Bad is story of an innocent, harmless man. Who later diagnosed with Lung Cancer and as the series go on, the character is totally changed moving towards the end. He said it’s like “turning Mr. Chips into Scarface”.  As one would say while watching the ending episodes “Wow! That wasn’t the Walter White we expected him to be”.

A Chemistry Teacher, Who had a pregnant wife and a son with Cerebral palsy and a Brother in Law who was in DEA. When Diagnosed with Lung Cancer he became concerned about his family, like what they are going to do when he will be gone. So He decided to cook meth along with, once his student “Jesse Pinkman” who was a drug addict. As you can see at the very start of the series that Walter was riding a RV with Partner, who was unconscious and towards the end of that episode, they were cooking the drug in the van. Starting slowly the story developed into a great master piece, which turns the attentions of millions of users towards it.

Breaking Bad Addiction
Breaking Bad Addiction

The first season averaged 1.2 million viewers. The second season premiere was watched by 1.7 million viewers, up 41.6% from the previous season and the numbers keep on increasing. Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico the series is full of its exciting shifts and the new experiments which were demonstrated during the series. The first of them was the making of the crystal meth and others would be like the fulminated mercury explosion or the hydrofluoric acid use seen in the first season.

The exciting prospect about the series was how he managed to escape from his brother in law in spite of being right under his nose. The use of various techniques and plans really amazed the viewers. The credit behind these goes to the writers and Creator of the show who joined their heads to make this series successful. From the titles of the episodes to their direction, these were the genius brains all behind it.
With the Increase in the fan following, there first priority was to keep the show running and keep and it interesting which they managed to do. And that is the reason it is the most famous show all around the world at the moment.

On that Last Sunday, The show received two more Emmy Awards which make a total of nine Emmy awards overall for it. Skyler white (Anna Gunn) won it for the outstanding supporting actress while Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who won this award for three consecutive years and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) lost in their respective categories. Recently the episode “Ozymandias” received perfect 10/10 imdb rating which Program creator referred it to be the best episode of the series it is going to be. The penultimate episode “Granite State” continued the trend and was watched by 6.58 million viewers. Overall the show won for Outstanding Series of the year.
With that kind of receptions and ratings it is surely the most watched show at this moment.

As we know, the Show is moving towards its end and the final episode is going to be telecasted on Sunday. All eyes are waiting for it. As first reported by Ad Age, the network sought $300,000 to $400,000 for a 30-second ad in the final episode but AMC confirmed on Friday night that the episode was sold out.
At this stage of the Series, the character which was an innocent harmless man is now seeking for his revenge. The use of various other characters during the show really glamour it. Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) and actors like Giancarlo Esposito who received an Emmy Award for his role were class in their own.
“Breaking Bad” Creator Moving Forward With Saul Goodman Spin-Off Could Be Prequel Series. Gilligan said he intends to pitch the idea to Sony along with Peter Gould, the writer who created Saul in Season 2 and who would apparently be running the spin-off. The only firm idea seems to be that the concept would center on Saul, with a number of ideas regarding the tone and format up in the air, including the notion of making it a half-hour show.

As a Fan, I really enjoyed the show while watching it and I would have no doubt to say that it is the best show I have ever watched. The Program Creator “Vince Gilligan” deserves all the recognition he should get and we should all thank him for such a Wonderful show. The Cast and direction were all well placed and they did their best to make this show successful.

Breaking Bad final episode Title is “FELINA” which is also an anagram for FINALE.
Fe(Iron) , Li(Lithium) , Na(Sodium) or Meth , Blood ,Tears.
As well as being excited about the series, we are sad as the same amount that the series is going to end. But this is what the life about. Good things mostly happen for a short time so we have to cherish them as long as they exist.


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