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About Last Night- Movie Review…

About Last Night- Movie Review…

About last night is a romantic comedy. It is the remake of the 1986 about last night movie which starred Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, when that movie was made it was another time and things were different and one night stands were quite scandalous. This remake has absorbed the time frame and has a modern take on relationships and is funnier than the original.

The movie follows the two couples on their journey from the bar to the bedroom and then their relationships are put to the tests of the real world. It shows the light side of the relationships we are living in together whether they are a one night stand or a long term commitment.

About Last Night Film
About Last Night

The comedic couple who go through an on and off relationship is played by Kevin Hart and Regina Hall starring as Bernie and Joan. They overshadow the primary couple Debbie and Danny played by Joe Bryant and Micheal Ealy.

Hart and Hall have starred in many films together and have a great onscreen chemistry which is evident in this movie as well.

Danny and Bernie are best friends and are kicking some beers at some bar where Bernie hooks up with Joan and Debbie feels that he is attracted towards Joans friend Debbie. Where Bernie and Joan are very straight forward while Debbie and Danny takes it slow except for the unexpected one night stand.

The film tracks through the ups and downs of their relationship where they reach a point when they are domestically cool with each other. Lesley Headland’s script has a lot to laugh at and instead of indulging into the deep emotions it’s all about superficial laugh.

About last night has a lot of humour, a bit of spice and an interesting plot. This movie is a refreshing re make and is a splash of romance just perfect for a valentine day date.

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